I've been playing around with HTML coding since I was in High School in 2000. Since then, I've simply enjoyed creating webpages.

My first webpage was about the games that I had for 'Nintendo 64'. However, this did not last long, and so I created a webpage to keep all my links neatly organised. So, rather then using the 'Favourites' option on my web browser, I just had a webpage. It was a very simple design, just one page, containing only links and short descriptions about those websites. This was the 'Sveni Links' (Version 1) website.

As I learnt more and more HTML, I started to make different sites. I created a table to show me when races were being held for Formula 1, V8 Supercars, Champcars and Nascar. Once again, a very simple design. This was called 'Sveni Racing'. It was updated every year until came online.

Shortly after eTracks closed down it's 'Fantasy Tracks' section, I decided to keep the idea going, by creating my own 'Fantasy Tracks' website (see 'Fantasy Tracks' Version 1). This was once again, a simple page showing all the tracks which people had submitted to me.

Both the 'Sveni Links' and 'Fantasy Tracks' sites were very similar, they were just the single main page. A change was needed. So I simplified both the websites be using the same coding for frames for both the websites. They were identical in looks. These were the 'Sveni Links' (Version 2) and 'Fantasy Tracks' (Version 2) websites.

On 'Fastasy Tracks' first birthday, I decided to give it a bit of an update. Very simple update, just a font change and simplify the site a bit. I thought it looked better when I did it anyway.

Once again, due to a website's demise, I decided to make my own. This one was made to share the tracks that I'd make for the game 'Generally'. The site was called 'Generally - F1Freak', and it also contained some links to fellow Generally track makers.

I had created another website called 'F1 Station'. This website was dedicated to the game 'F1 Challenge '99 - '02'. All it had was some information about the game, some links to good downloads, a couple of screenshots and some links. This was a short lived project though.

One day I just decided to put most of these websites together. Presenting, The birth of as we know it. The first version was very bland and boring. However, I was happy to start to encorporate all my websites into one.

I had joined an Online Racing League called 'Formula One Australia' (or simply, F1A), and I was the co-creator of an array of websites, all shown on the right. The current website is the fourth version, which I was not involved in creating, however will continue to host on the server for as long as the league exists.

So needed an update from the dull black and white. The inspiration for Version 2 came from the same version of the F1A website. Still a bit dull, but at least much easier to view and work with for myself.

The original idea for was to encorporate all of the websites mentioned above into one simple site, however due to time restraints, I could not continue with Fantasy Tracks, so I ceased accepting other people's tracks, and only kept my own.

The third version of was made from a compilation of ideas from various people. It iss, once again, much easier to work with for myself, but more importantly, much easier for you, the viewer. The various shades of gray help give the site clarity.

Finally, with the demise of Daniel King's website, I've created a simple site to continue, to the best of my ability, updating the website from Daniel's last update in late 2005, it's called CZD - Racing Circuits. Due to copyright issues, I cannot use his circuits, and therefore need to create my own. seemed to have a large association with being a 'Formula 1' website, whereas it really wasn't. It was a compilation of all the websites mentioned above. So I decided to change the domain from to darnoc is my name backwards (Conrad), and the 'Z' is the initial of my surname. is the same layout as the third version of

In early 2012 I put my basic knowledge of website skills to create a website for the XXIV Estonian Festival in Sydney. The basis of the website was to provide information about the 5 days of events to be held at and around Sydney.

So that's the story so far of!

Sveni Links (Version 1) Sveni Links V1

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Fantasy Tracks (Version 2) Fantasy Tracks V2

Fantasy Tracks (Version 3) Fantasy Tracks V3

Generally - F1Freak Generally - F1Freak

Sveni Racing F1 Station

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